One Response to “– Contextualizing the Empress Slideshow by Talia Dorsey”

  1. I attended the May 9, 2012 presentation by Talia Dorsey concerning the “Empress Analog Institute” project,and was very impressed with how much thought has gone into the planning of it. It coincides so much with what we are doing in “cultural” education/training at our Institute, where – for over three decades – we have been teaching audio recording, film (16mm analog) and television production, and event & concert production, in many cases in venues (theatres/clubs) outside our own.

    This facility, if and when it becomes a reality, could be supported and used by us to supplement some of our own facilities. I encourage it and wish the Board and its committee much success in this application.

    David P. Leonard
    Trebas Institute
    “career training in audio/film/television/artist management/event & venue management since 1979″